Bright White Pants


Bright white tight pants
Share what you want
Don’t have to understand
Everything or whatever
It’s just that we’re meant
To be.

Like to explore your in lands
Where words are not banned,
Crowds are not afraid
To browse through your library.

Whose shelves not are empty,
Not full of air, and
It doesn’t have to make sense
Where this is going, or think
W.T.F.’n why aren’t you here?

This poem couldn’t comprehend
At all the rhyme or reason why
Even if the sounds rebound
At each line’s end
There is love in every word
I swear.

Don’t even think not to try
Its just these lines meander,
Like I am a lost lamb or something
I would wander, guileless,
Waste land.

Squandering you lush places
So your fair hand has penned
Disheveled verse on shambling feet,
This ragged caravan of words
Of its rambling near complete
In brightly tightly whitely’s.

Can we have sex now?


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