Goat Hugs Sheep Kisses- More than a love story….


When he saw her and she spoke,
His elusive butterfly of love
A shining, elixir and elements
which is life itself—life
See to be hurrying past
And his running away,
But it was a love too strong
To stop,
Too sweet to lose,
Too in loved to let her go.

He could not let her get away,
Oh god, What had he done.

A taste towards the decadent
And the evanescent, elusive
And evanescent; a rainbow
that has generated wonder
and speculation.

He was encapsulated and it was
A hifting moment, captured,
Like in the pop of a photographer’s

In the madness of the chase, he knew…
She would be his greatest challenge

For the mind receives a myriad
Of impressions.
Both trivial, fantastic and engraved
Like the sharpness of steel.

“Wait, who are you?
This is supposed to be my chance
to talk to her!” Whitey protested
as the scenery around the shifted
to that of the rock farm,
a stark contrast to Brights grass
that Whitey stood in.

I think I have some static on my end,
did you say, “a sheep will dance if they want,
as a light giggle as it became less ghostly,
the outline of a mountain sheep becoming visible.

“Ohhhh, I haven’t heard that before!
Wait, don’t tell me who you are!
Oh go on dear; But your a goat…
are you the future of all the good times
to be…

You’re close,
receding into the distance along the farm.
planting his front hooves near her invisible barrier
between the two of them and casting a confused look,
He looked back at her floating outline
as she gradually took more form.

This is the first time we’ve meet then
I need to throw a ‘Nice to meet you party
he said, throwing his rear hooves up into the air
with confetti fired out of the confetti cannon,
dousing them with confetti.

That sounds like a fun party,
doing a little dance with their hooves
pulling Whitey up against him
with his front right leg.

He threw his shoulder over her once more
pulling her even closer…
Wihh goat hugs and sheepish kisses.


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