I let you kiss me first. You seem to contradict purpose; despite your deep flushing, knowing I would have adorned you anyway. Almost lightheaded from the blood pounding into overdrive thumping in my chest and I was sure even you could hear it.

The pulse of music from downstairs flowed like a drizzle over the house, the adrenaline is there; its a pounding beat prior casting; relishing in the feel of your lips against mine as I lay here listening; Thinking. Then I realized I could taste a soft tang of cinnamon and curry at the tip of my tongue, like the colors that stay on my tongue when tasting you, like a glass of fine red wine downed in an act of desperation on a rainy October night.

There are no words for describing your flavor; is at the back of my throat. I miss it. You render me speechless with little effort; does that make me seem desperate? From when I tasted of desire… You were always the shy one,” you say. Warm breath fanning my cheek like the way a caress would. Filling up the spaces in my life.” I tilted my head to hesitantly capture your lips again…

It was chaste, soft and innocent; how well we contrast each other.

In a flurry… and exhilarating, I think.


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