Chapter 2 – Venus In the Morning


This morning I feel my lips quiver when he ask me if I wanted tea and all I can think is to tell myself don’t look at him and I won’t cry.

You know what… I would cry like the Aphrodite …whose oceans could not hold back a thousand tears…as clearly as I see him standing there. I am so happy to be here. I just have to get in the shower to keep the morning going. Don’t really know why I am so emotional. Maybe its anxiety, an anticipation of what life could be.

Feeling him at my back asking me so sweetly; instead I move forward of the morning, from the night before. After offering my love to him… It’s not easy being turned away. Too much drama. I have to remember that he’s more fragile than most. I hate drama, shake it off.

I respect him too much to have a meltdown as get hold together. I did not break down I had my shower very clean now with a white button down shirt and freshly pressed jeans; I did my make-up and my hair before coming downstairs. My tea awaits, he wanted to talk and sees me to my every need.

And sometimes it’s random in every way like a Venus in a Morning breeze. Lamenting for Her Adonis, her lover…I tell him I’ll be right downstairs today wondering would how different today would be. He always talks about her. He must mean my dildo that’s what I named it; and I share. Wherever I was coming from today I wasn’t exactly sure of this emotion, but I knew to go with whatever happens.

I love whatever comes in store. I respect him in as much I adore him… don’t spoil it me! Sometimes it’s just in the knowing how much a friend means, how precious life is and if I were to ask whats wrong with having a fuck and laugh along the way regarding to our moving forward. Adonis …I love you- Love V.
No harm. Ha!

~ July 16, 2014
“All the Colors of Green”
Chapter 2 ~ Venus in the Morning



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