Hole in one


White pants
Nudging bones,
Swaying hips
Bouncing breasts.
Sucking lips,

Scantily clad,
Covered in white sex,
Always for the bed.
Suck me off
Use me,

Had your taste,
Now I’m hooked
Around your groin
Hands slide around,
Slippery when wet
Wanking moans.

Getting my rocks off
Love my glove
Ride and moan
Panting heavily,
Sitting on top of me
Bouncing tits away…

Breathing sharply,
I have a pussy…
I’m going to abuse it.
You have a dick…
I’m going to use it.

Moaning away
Groan my name
Hear me pant,
Watch me groan
Suck it all,
Hole In one.


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