Fluid Love

In a small pained whimper, he heard
But also a sound of near pure ecstasy
She shifted, earning a yelp
And then a far louder whimper
As he sank his teeth into my neck.

He touched me with his hands
Placing them inside the wet
Allowing nothing left
Putting his mark onto me
In my most vulnerable place
As a sign of his favor.

He was confident it would be enough
It was more than normally
I deserved it, it was my turn
To know what I had been missing
Deserving this pleasure

It was such a visible mark
He would would give me
Of immediate gratification
Fueled with pleasure granted.

There was no reason to worry
“I am your lover” arched as he cried out
Driving himself down hard
Spiking spasms and wildly.

He let go of himself
Driving me all the way
Enjoying the pleasure
The feel of the forcibly
Expanding as I was filled
To overflowing exchanging
Fluid love.

Just as he enjoyed
My hot splashes that ended up him
Two bodies lubricating
At the same time
And in that last moment.


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