Say Uncle

Now was the time to make it. He was finally home. You’d think he’d been gone 3 months, but in fact, it had been only three days. I was out of cigarettes and diet coke and getting desperate.

He jumped me, pinning me down holding my wrists quickly before I could retaliate and forced my legs down to the ground as well. He knew how to use his tools just as well as his weight. He smirked at me and I was startled, and I just stared up at him for a bit before glaring and growling, “Get off of me,” I said.

“No way, darling,” he chuckled, bending me down to run his tongue over my neck, which he made me twitch. “I’ve been chasing you too long to just let you go now.”

I tried bucking him off, but he just chuckled and used his own weight to keep me pinned, I snarled in my frustration as his smile widened. “Uncle! Let me go!”

Even when I struggled he still thought I was so beautiful and the way his name rolled off his lips like that was arousing. Way too arousing and overpowering to ignore. Before we could speak again, we slammed our lips together in a bruising kiss, which made me other cry out in shock at the other’s ferocity. Our tongue were forced into the other’s mouth, tasting the other’s sweet juices and craving more of the sweet tang of each others lips.

I gave a yelp and pulled back a bit down on his lips, looking up at him and said; “Welcome home dear. I missed you so much.”


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