Midnight Minx Poem


Marilyn Manhole share this poem me. I think she likes my friend in the photo above. That’s Midnight Minx… Thanks for the poems Ms. Manhole!

“She took the pictures out
ANd installed them in her bedroom.
Her voice was sweet
Defeat between my legs
Said. I have a retreat

SHe turns out of an 8 hour sleep
Every night
But still has rings under her eyes
Showers find time to climb
Your oyster piddle-feast

She’s screaming the alphabet
Of Success
Down mawling aisles that bend on honey dew

THe midnight mynx a’ prowl
And my bright white pants are too bright”
~ Marilyn Manhole

1 Professional Comments

On 5 November 2014 at 00:20
I love your voice, your words, your poetry and if there eere a ring it were the ring of truth. you also are blessed, thank you.null


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