An Intervention

Do me a favor…more beautiful poetry.

Wet Bliss


Please, do me a favor
Make love to me later
I’m feeling out of control
I don’t wanna take it slow

I’ve been such a bitch
I need your magic stick
To rid this raunchy mood
With a good, hard screw

Please, don’t make me beg
I’m itching to be pegged
It’d be great, no fantastic
To be fucked into the mattress

Here let me wet the wand
Taste the length that I’m fond
Inhale the powerful musk
Amplify my growing lust

Swallowing it all down
With pleasant humming sounds
Lips pressed to the base
Carefully fuck my face

Feel the wetness that flows
As my infatuation does grow
Taste ecstasy between my knees
Its sweetness of serenity

Hold me down with control
Give me your heart and soul
Pound away this madness
This awful state of sadness

I need a solid intervention
To relieve this aching tension
An unapologetic…

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