I remember the tasting the pleasure of his kiss, it made me only want him that much more and much longer. There was so much desire within me and by the time I got there; it had seemed as if the last 12 weeks felt more like 12 months apart. There I found within myself too, a wetness wanting to be claimed. I had to be gone for awhile traveling for the magazine. But as soon as I saw him, he grabbed me, and I grabbed him; hands and  tongues meeting lips, he melted me when our bodies met. 

Quickly his tongue sent me into his depths, of passion forgetting the torturous progressional journey that i had just completed. I went down on my knees, then suddenly he was tearing away at my blouse; ripping my bra in half, cusping my breast, then kneading, twisting my nipples..  I unzipped his jeans, pulling them down, then his boxer shorts; his penis was throbbing through and hard as a brick; springing out soon as I let him loose.  

I tongued around his tip and then the hole, twisting my mouth, licking back and forth before stabbing it out and back in. My hands moved with my tongue at an alternating pace, speeding it up for a moment and bringing him to a heightened trance before slowing my pace to allow him to recede. When he did cum it would be a powerful and overwhelming experience. hurriedly bringing me to the brink of an orgasm. 

And he was doing a wonderful job of that. I couldn’t keep my hips and ass settled on the bed, so eager were they to feel the plunging caress of his fingers into me. 

My hands were busy separating his ass cheeks from one another so that I could gain access to his puckered backdoor. He laid down for me and pulled his legs back. With one of my fingers I pushed through his spasming man cunt lips a few times into his rosebud. Then suddenly I put more pressure into him; two-three-four fingers combined with my continued oral assault on his twat, he orgasmed from his cunt. 

His knees locked my head into place, my head down clenching his penis closer to another release pressing into my face as he hammered my mouth to orgasm. His intense excitement was enough of a sensation that I too came. That night was our reunion, we were meant to be together and from that time on; we would never part again. 


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