Facts and Figures

You are the name upon my lips

The lust in my heart, 

To be stick in my dip..

Feel the caressing of your hair

With your hands upon my breasts. 

You look longingly upon me,

To feel your primal thrust, 

Sure as the gentle kiss,

Painting my lips

Of rhythmic passion, and lust so filling,

You waken Inhibitions, 

Where taboos of girdles are broken

Can you feel my release of pleasure…

Leave none of my part untokened. 

I love your all your lines, dips and curves

To taste your wet, pleasured temple

That I long for you to enter you,

To become that part of that 

Of what becomes impossible,

Unable to tell where you end and I begin

To grind so deep 

To find all your facts 

In my figure.


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